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Google Colaboratory more commonly referred to as “Google Colab” or just simply “Colab” is a research project for prototyping Machine learning models on powerful hardware options such as GPUs and TPUs. It is a serverless Jupyter notebook environment.

Starting out with Colab

(1). Go to

Colab Home.

(2). Open a Python 3 Notebook.

Python 3 Notebook.

Change Runtime Settings

(1). Go to Runtime > Change Runtime time.

Colab Runtime.

(2). Here, the options exit to change the Python runtime and harware accelerator to a GPU or TPU.

Change Runtime.

Storing Notebooks

  1. Notebooks on Colab are stored on Google Drive.
  2. Notebooks can also be saved to Github or as a Github Gist.
  3. They can be downloaded to the local machine.
Storing Notebooks.

Uploading Notebooks

Notebooks can be uploaded from Google Drive, Github or the local machine.

Opening Notebooks.